Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

1550 Road 3 East, Kingsville, Ontario


Colasanti's Recommends Using 'MAP QUEST' To Assist You With Your Directions.  Please Visit






Coming From The 401 HWY (Heading West)


1.  Take the COMBER EXIT #48 off of the 401 HWY


2.  At the stop sign make a LEFT (south) hand turn towards the town of COMBER.  You will now be going straight on MAIN ST./PROVINCIAL ROUTE 77/HWY 77


There will be a small service station on your left hand side as soon as you exit.  

Tim Hortons, Fast Food Restaurant, Gas Station


3.  You will travel through Comber, continue going straight on PROVINCIAL ROUTE 77/HWY 77.


4.  You will pass through a small town called STAPLES. 

There will be a sign telling you to make a LEFT hand turn in order to continue to follow the PROVINCIAL ROUTE 77/HWY 77.


5.  Continue on PROVINCIAL ROUTE 77/HWY 77.


6.  You will arrive in LEAMINGTON. 




8.  Make a RIGHT hand turn on to ROAD 3.  This will be the first intersection in Leamington.  You will see a small blue Colasanti sign at this intersection.


Intersection Landmarks:

There will be a Double 77 Gas Station and Tim Hortons on your right hand side.

There will be an Armando’s Restaurant on your left hand side.


9.  Follow ROAD 3, continue to go straight through the round about.


10.  You will hit an intersection (Road 3 and County Road 34 (CR-4))

Continue to go straight.


11.  Colasanti's will be on your right hand side. 


Total Estimated Trip Time: Approx. 25 Minutes





Coming From The Windsor/Detroit Ambassador Bridge


1.  When you come off of the bridge you will merge onto HURON CHURCH ROAD, going south. Keep going straight on this road.


Landmarkes to watch for: 

McDonalds (right hand side)- Keep Going Straight

University of Windsor (left hand side)- Keep Going Straight

Windsor & Essex Travel & Tourism Office (right hand side)- Keep Going Straight


2.  HURON CHURCH becomes PROVINCIAL ROUTE 3 SOUTH. Keep going straight.


3.  Stay in the right hand lane. 

There will be a cut off road to the 401 HIGHWAY -***DO NOT TAKE THIS CUT OFF***  Stay to the right hand side and head towards PROVINCIAL ROUTE 3 SOUTH.


4.  You will pass by a small town called Essex- you are headed the correct way.  Keep going straight.  Colasanti's is approx 15-20 minutes from this point.


5.  Turn RIGHT onto COUNTY ROAD 34 (CR-34)


6.  Turn RIGHT onto ROAD 3 EAST (this will be your first intersection).


7.  You will see Colasanti's on your RIGHT hand side.


Total Estimated Trip Time: 40 Minutes

Total Travel Estimate: 24.6 Miles