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Open 363 Days A Year! No Facility Entrance Fee!


Regular Hours Of Operation

Open Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm,   Friday-Sunday 8am-6pm

Rides Close Daily at 5pm.

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An Outing For The Whole Family!

No Facility Entrance Fee.  All Activities Are Fee Based.

Open 363 Days A Year!

Monday - Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday-Sunday 8am-6pm

Restaurant 8am-6pm Daily


Regular Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday-Sunday 8am-6pm

Restaurant is open daily until 6pm

Rides close daily at 5pm

Holiday Hours


1550 Road 3 East, Kingsville
Ontario, Canada, N9Y-2E5


Open 363 days a year:

(p): 519-326-3287
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Zoo Shows

Every Sat & Sun












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Kingsville, Ontario




$15.99+tax & $12.99+tax

Passes can include unlimited mini golf, zoo & rides.


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Upcoming Special Events

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Home Decor & Collectables Shoppe Annual Christmas
In July Collectables Promotion

Fun Passes Available Daily

In July & August 2015

Available Daily From Friday June 26-Monday September 7, 2015


$15.99+tax Junior Fun Pass

Includes Unlimited Mini Golf, Petting Farm, Caterpillar Train, Bee Jet,

Rescue Squad Inflatable, Dora/Diego Inflatable, Tea Cups,

Mini Himalaya, Bumper Cars,Miner Mike Coaster Ride &

NEW Kids Kingdom Indoor Playground

Height & Weight Restrictions Apply To All Rides.

 $12.99+tax Youth Fun Pass

Available For Persons Over 54" Tall

Includes Unlimited Mini Golf, Petting Farm, Tea Cups,

Mini Himalaya, Bumper Cars & Miner Mike Coaster Ride

Height & Weight Restrictions Apply To All Rides.

$8.99+tax Adult Buddy Pass

Includes Unlimited Access As A Chaperone:

Mini Golf, Petting Farm, Caterpillar Train, Bee Jet,

Tea Cups, Mini Himalaya & Miner Mike Coaster Ride.

Height & Weight Restrictions Apply To All Rides.

Buddy Passes Are Available For Persons 18+ Years Of Age.

ID Maybe Required At Time Of Purchase.

Buddy Passes May Only Be Purchased In Conjunction With A "Junior Fun Pass".

Child Must Be Present In Order To Purchase A Buddy Pass. Buddy Passes Can Only Be Used

When Child Is Participating In The Activity.  $8.99+tax-Price Per Guardian.

Height & Weight Restrictions Apply To All Rides.

Please CLICK HERE for more information.

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Animal Show Cancellation

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Colasanti's Will Not Have Zoo Shows On

Sunday July 5, Saturday July 11 and Sunday July 12.

We apologize For Any Inconvenience.



  Colasanti's Wheelchair Fund

Collecting Pop Tabs And Making Donations To Children And Families In Need Since 1994. 

 It takes about 4000 pounds of pop tabs for one wheel chair. It takes approximately 1,500

pop tabs to make 1 pound therefore we need 6,000,000 tabs for one chair.


In 2013, the pop tab fund collected $10,000 worth of pop tabs and alluminum from our local community. 

With this money the pop tab fund was able to assist 15 people with their equipment purchases.

Donations were given to people as young as 2 years of age to 60 years of age.
Equipment being purchased was wheelchairs, physio equipment, lifts for vehicles, bike for children.


The types of aluminum, being saved are; Pop Cans and Tabs, Pie Plates, Foil Lasagna Pans,

Fruit Cup Lids etc. The aluminum is sold to the recycling plant and the money is then sent to

Colasanti's, which we put directly into the Colasanti's Wheelchair Fund.


For More Information Please Contact Angie